A new solution for all of your Projects Staff Materials Budgets

Plan, organise and track your projects in real time. 

Subbieapps is a modern project management approach that allows you to break down your projects into simpler, more manageable tasks. This is so you can track performance and drive profits. 

You have unlimited use to create as many projects, tasks, users, employees and material entries as you want. A real solution for growing businesses. 

We have made it easy to use, secure and flexible. Everything you need to see your actual on site  performance at a glance. Without all the manual data entry.


Remove the unkowns from your business

Where are you killing it?

Where are you losing money?

Where have you underquoted?

What is your live profit margin!? 

Let’s face it, Most Subcontractors are going into projects blind. With Subbieapps you can see how you are tracking along with all of your key information in one place and live in one dashboard. You can easily identify things before it’s too late. You then can act quickly to get things back on track. 

Add tasks as they pop up or get approved. These tasks are immediately selectable by your staff to break down their days work. 

You can add and remove employees any time and select the days they receive automated time sheet reminder emails. They can also log in anytime incase they forget. A quick, easy and non – intrusive way for your staff to be connected to your business.

Use your own data to your advantage

You can set up a job to be detailed or simple – depending on how you build up a project with tasks. Ensure your completion percentage is more than what you are spending on each task with the easy to read bar graphs. 
Use the master timesheet and material database filters to see the information you need to gain vital information and make crucial decisions. Make the basis of your decisions from real-time actual data. 
You have access to this anywhere and from any device. The only requirement is an internet connection. 
Desktop Mobile

Get started in 4 easy steps !

#1 Set up your business name and email for your admin account. Add your current employees with the cost rates you want the system to calculate. They will be invited with a link to your organisation to submit timesheets.  

#2 Add a project. Add as many as you want. Add the tasks that make up the projects. These projects and task names are then selectable from drop down menus for your staff to allocate their times each day. 

#3 Add material expenses to a project and easily assign the costs to each task from auto-filled drop down menus. 

#4 Adjust the percentage complete for each task as it happens on site. You will see the spend bar grow as your staff allocate their times each day. 

Now you can check your dashboard to see the live profit & performance of all your projects. You can see what tasks are performing and the ones that aren’t.

The Dashboard

See all your key information in the one dashboard. Labour and material costs in real time

Manage all your projects, wherever you are, whenever you wish

Archive library for completed or inactive projects 

Unlimited Tasks

Add variations or tasks easily. You can add tasks anytime. You can build up a project to be as detailed as you want

Your staff can select a task to allocate hours as soon as it’s added by you

You can allocate material expenses to each task 

Easy to use

Simple and Easy to Use. No need to download different apps or worry about different devices. 

There is no need for any special training, We can help you set it up 

Easy pricing solutions that dont increase just because your business is growing

Cloud Software

Constantly updated over the cloud so you can ensure that you and your staff are always using the most current version. 

Everyone has access through an internet browser through a phone, tablet or computer 

Automated Staff Emails

Automatic and reliable daily e-mail reminders to all of your staff

Additional login link if they forget. You can set what days employees get notifications

You can edit or change all entries with ease by drop down menus

Simple pricing

With the first 14 days free!

No restrictions on use or users


14 days free, then billed monthly
$ 59 AUD / Month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Unlimited materials
  • Project dashboard
  • Automated timesheet emails
  • Timesheet master database
  • Material master database
  • 24/7 Over the phone set up and support

Yearly saver

14 days free, then billed annually & SAVE 15%
$ 50 AUD / Month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Unlimited materials
  • Project dashboard
  • Automated timesheet emails
  • Timesheet master database
  • Material master database
  • 24/7 Over the phone set up and support

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